Let's change the world in the spirit of collaboration

Unify is a collaborative hack where your team works on different parts of a product with the goal of creating a larger, unified product.

Collaboration and various expertise play large parts in the creation of a successful product. At Unify, you will experience the benefits of having people on your team with knowledge differing from yours, while you get the chance to work in a format that is more similar to real-life work than what university projects are.

The participants will be put into cross-functional teams of ten. Each team will be asked to create a nicely designed product that works on three platforms - Android, iOS and the web. Spotify employees will be available to help you out during the weekend, making sure that you don’t get stuck.

Unify is aimed at students in Stockholm, but all students are welcome, though we cannot cover travel and lodging!



What is Unify?

Unify is not like other hackathons - we emphasize the power of collaboration to reach for the stars. At Unify, you won’t just hack on a small application. Your team will create a product that operates on three platforms. Reaching for the stars sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Is Unify a competition?

Nope! Unify is not a competition. All the participants are winners, already. Focus is on you getting the chance to create, learn and meet cool people - not a grand prize. With that said, you are still expected to showcase your creation at the end of the hack.

Okay, so what about presentations then?

During the hack, there will be micro presentations where you share the current status of your work with the other teams. Presentations on stage will be combined with a demo session at the end of Unify. That way everyone can see what you have done and also have the chance to try your cool products out!

Who can apply?

University students in Sweden who like code and/or design.

Can I attend even though I don’t live in Stockholm?

Well, yes. But we are unfortunately unable to cover travel and accommodation for you. You will not be able to sleep at the HQ, either, as we close at night.

What are we supposed to hack on?

Good question! A hack needs a problem to be solved, and we will assign you a hacking area during the introduction of Unify.

What is covered by Spotify in terms of cost?

Food, snacks and drinks. We will make sure that you will eat well and never go hungry!

I have never attended a hackathon before, and I don’t have a gazillion projects up on GitHub - is there any chance for me to be accepted to Unify?

Yes, of course! There is a first time for everything, and Unify is a really good event for first-time hackathoners. Even though we expect you to produce during Unify it doesn’t necessarily have to be in thousands lines of code - it could be in pixels and in logical thinking too. 

Programming skills is not the most important part of your application - we'd rather see a will for creating, learning, sharing knowledge with others and having fun.

Why should I apply?

This is a great opportunity for you to gain new knowledge, meet cool people and get to use your knowledge to create something - on a platform of your choice - which you can add to your portfolio. You will also be hacking in a nice atmosphere - our HQ - and have close integration with Spotify employees.

What do you look for when screening the applications?

Your fit as a person at Unify. We are looking for humble, open-minded team players who are eager to learn and share knowledge.

Coolio! How do I apply and what happens next?

You apply individually by letting us know in what area you would like to contribute. We will screen all the applications and get back to you by the 20th of April. Prior to Unify we will form teams for you based on the accepted participants’ preferred areas.

Last day to apply is April 14th!

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Organized by

Axel Samuelsson
Caroline Arkenson